Back Pain Treatments

Medical care has come a long way over the years, and yet, many people find themselves suffering from chronic pain. Medications can help with many issues, but when it comes to pain, medicine often only masks the problem and does little to resolve the underlying issues triggering pain signals. Luckily, by working with Dr. Pamela Hart, it is possible to craft a holistic approach that can result in lasting pain relief. If you need assistance with back pain in Boulder, CO, stop by the Alternative Health Clinic.

Approaching Pain from the Ground Up

When approaching pain, it’s best to start low. If you’re suffering from back pain, but no one has bothered to check your knees, ankles, feet, and other lower parts of your body, they may have missed the root causes or at least crucial contributing factors to the pains in your back. When you walk or otherwise move around, the lower parts of your body will have to support the rest of your body. Thus, issues in the lower parts of your body could affect the rest of your body.

Further, issues with your balance could cause strain throughout the rest of your body. As such, Dr. Hart typically starts by evaluating from the bottom up. By using muscle testing (Kinesiology), she can examine all the joints and tissues. Misalignment in your neck, arms, or pretty much anywhere else may impact your back, and certainly, your overall quality of life. If you'd like to address back pain in Boulder, CO, swing by the Alternative Health Clinic.

Treating Back Pain Holistically

Chiropractic adjustments and other chiropractic forms of care can help. These techniques can be used to resolve muscle tension and ensure proper alignment of the spine and other systems. This can reduce back pain, and may also help with tension headaches, numbness in your legs, and more. Since the spine provides support and impacts tissues throughout the body, any issues with it can cause problems anywhere else.

Many other treatment methods could help, including custom orthotics, nutritional adjustments, and lifestyle changes. Crucially, a holistic treatment plan goes beyond simply blocking pain signals from reaching the brain (which is what many pain medications do). Blocking signals can block pain temporarily, but your aches will return once the medications wear off.

By resolving the underlying problems causing your aches, it’s possible to block pain signals from ever being triggered. This can ultimately improve your quality of life, may increase mobility, and reduce strain as you age. If you need assistance with back pain in Boulder, CO, come see Dr. Hart at the Alternative Health Clinic. Call 719 733 8966 right away to schedule an appointment.

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