Chiropractic Care

If you prefer a more holistic approach to health treatment, chiropractic care is a popular alternative to traditional medical care. Dr. Pamela Hart of Alternative Health Clinic in Boulder, Colorado offers a wide selection of treatments that can help with many of your health issues. If you are looking for a unique and personal approach, you can find it here. Check out our reviews on Google!

How chiropractic differs from traditional medicine
Chiropractic practitioners treat the whole body and believe that you should not only treat the symptoms but find out what is causing them. If you get to the root cause of an illness or injury, you can treat it, often in a non-invasive and non-addictive manner that puts the body in the best circumstances to make use of its self-healing abilities.

What chiropractic offers in Boulder, CO
Functional medicine and nutrition
Nutrition is an important part of functional medicine. It is used to treat chronic illnesses without having to resort to drugs. Some simple blood tests can provide the information that Dr. Hart needs to be able to help to treat whatever conditions are contributing to your inability to enjoy life to its fullest. Suggestions for nutritional and lifestyle changes will be made that will allow many conditions to improve or subside.

Food sensitivity testing is a vital  part of treatment. It is an essential piece to many auto immune conditions. If you are eating foods that cause an inflammatory reaction then you continue the sensitivity reactions. The saying you are what you eat is all too true and in this day of artificial additives and preservatives, it is truer than ever.

Spinal manipulation
When your spine is out of alignment, it is harder or in some cases impossible for the messages from your brain to get through to the parts of the body where they are needed. Your nerves are what send the pain signals and communicate to your joints, muscles and organs. Many techniques are available, and every case is treated individually, but the general idea is the same, to get things back the way nature intended. Many conditions and injuries benefit from this personalized treatment.

Ionic foot bath detox
Life in today's world is filled with toxins. These toxins are in your system, and they contribute to many conditions that can make you feel less than your best. Being able to detox can help to get these poisons out of your system. Placing your feet in the ionized water allows the toxins to be drawn out. It takes about 30 minutes and the color of the water at the end of the process will give you an idea of how many and what type of toxins were in your body. There is a chart that explains the different residues.

Lifestyle advice
Lifestyle advice from Dr. Hart will help you to make changes that improve the quality of your life, no matter what limitations you may be living with. Ergonomics are key. What a person does repetitively is the main cause of micro-trauma. This is a part of all treatment because it is essential.

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