Dr. Hart has earned the 2023 Talk Award and a 5 star rating! This was based on credibility, recognition, trust and exceptional patient satisfaction history.
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Talk Awards 2023

For almost 20 years my family and I have had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Pamela Hart. She has been instrumental in getting and keeping us healthy through chiropractic work and nutritional help. We have greatly benefitted from her expertise, kindness and compassion, whether we presented with illnesses or injuries. Dr. Hart listens, really listens; and she is always ready to take on challenging issues. I highly recommend her, and am extremely grateful to be a patient of hers. Thank you, Dr. Hart. Sally Gainfort-Lackey
Phil Lackey

Dr. Hart is truly part of the new wave of medicine that treats the entire individual. If you are looking for a smart, caring and talented doctor that can help you live a healthier life; Dr. Hart is it! She combines chiropractic care, muscle testing (applied kinesiology), and herbal supplements (among others) to bring the entire system back into full alignment. Sadly, I am no longer in the Boulder area and have been unable to find anyone like Dr. Hart. If are lucky enough to be nearby, just go! It was one of the best things I have ever done for my health. Thank you, Dr. Hart!
Andres Segarra

Pamela is highly skilled and deeply caring. Love that she does soft tissue work and adjusts extremities so that adjustments go deep and last long - she gets everything working together in a coordinated fashion. Also knowledgeable with nutrition and able to suss our deeper causes with muscle testing. What a wiz!
James Damman

I cannot recommend Dr. Hart enough! My family and I have been going to her for almost 30 years and she has kept us healthy and adjusted at every age. She is so very good at structural, muscular and nutritional therapy. We honestly do not know what we would do without her! Thank you Dr. Hart for your all you do!

I've been going to Dr. Hart for over 30 years. She's incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, and really wants to help you get better. I highly recommend her.
Dave Dell

Dr. Hart is so professional and knowledgeable. She spends time with you to really listen to what is going on and then uses her skills to help with the issues in diagnosing and treating. Her adjustments have helped my ribs, neck, back, and also my gut issues. The nutritional supplements she put me on have made a huge difference in my stomach/intestinal issues. The other doctors I've been to have not been able to help. THANK YOU, DR. HART!!!
Pete Eichman

If you understand that "all things are connected" then this is the place for you. Dr Hart has deep knowledge in her craft and continues to educate herself and her patients. She explains what she's doing and why as she performs her talents. This is huge to me as I'm sure to many others. When someone gets excited to share the details of the "why" they're approaching an issue / injury in a certain manner that's when you know you are in competent hands. Thanks Dr Hart
Joel Edson

Several years of living with pain came to end because of Dr. Hart. Simply a believer. She is generous with her knowledge and kind. I appreciate her intuitiveness with me. Thank you Dr. Hart. Strongly recommend her services.
Anuradha Rao

I've been seeing Dr. Hart for the last 13+ years. One of my first experiences with her was when I dislocated two vertebrae in my neck, snowboarding. At the hospital they told me they'd have to do surgery because my spinal chord was being pinched to the point of zero mobility in my neck! One visit with Dr. Hart, no abrasive surgery and she fixed my neck and I was on my way. She is truly so knowledgeable and a life saver! Most recently, I started getting painful and itchy, huge hives rashes all over my torso and thighs. The doctors told me I'd have to be on steroids and medicine to cure the symptoms. Through Dr. Hart's testing, diet change recommendations, and some supplements I've been taking every day, the hives have dissipated to almost nothing! I am a firm believer in homeopathic medicine and chiropractic because of Dr. Hart. She has truly changed my life.
Katarina Muse

I started seeing Dr. Hart in June of 2016 because I was having chronic pain in my left foot. I had no idea that by fixing my foot problems, Dr. Hart would help me in so many other areas in my life. I have had issues with migraines for years, at least 2-3 times per month. By realigning my body, I have been migraine free for the last two months. Dr. Hart was also able to do a nutritional check for me, helping me to determine allergies as well as keep my body healthy. I am so thankful that I found her. She has helped me get my life back in so many ways as well as giving me increased energy. Thank you for all of your help!
Taylor Wilkinson

Dr Hart has been terrific for my wide assortment of maladies. I originally scheduled an appointment for some gastrointestinal stress, which she healed, literally, in 24 hours with thoughtful treatment and supplements. We've since expanded her treatment into chiropractic for my low back and shoulders. She's been fantastic on all fronts - attentive, thorough, personable, and professional. I'd highly recommend a consult with her to start the next wave of your life!
Will Morgan

Dr. Hart is an amazing and gifted healer. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable in the areas of anatomy, biomechanics and kinesiology, but she also seems to have an intuitive gift in getting to the core of your medical issues. I have seen many chiropractors in the last five years since suffering a major neck and shoulder injury, and Dr. Hart is by far my favorite chiropractor in the Boulder area. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found her. I consider her my primary medical advisor for holistic health, nutrition and physical fitness. I leave her office feeling amazing every single time.
Aylyn Yalaz

Dr. Hart is an excellent chiropractor, treating the whole individual and spending the time to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it. She has been keeping our family healthy since 1990!
Lynne Wesenberg

Pam really knows what she's doing! I came to Pam after years of a progressively degrading situation with my back. I sit all day at a computer with my hands and arms in a certain position, and on the surface, all I could tell was that the muscles in my upper back were getting tense and fatigued progressively earlier in the day. It felt like this was draining my energy (I knew at least something was draining my energy), and it was resulting in shorter and shorter hours in which I could work (i.e. think clearly). In Pam's care (and doing the exercises she has given me to help), all of the above have been getting steadily and stably better. I can now work (think clearly) a full work day and then some, and I found that inside a couple of days, the difference (my ability to work longer hours) actually paid for 2 visits. Thanks, Pam! Your effectiveness is why I keep referring my friends to you. Kind regards, Vic Wheeler
Victor Wheeler

I have known Dr. Hart for 25 years and she has always been able to diagnose my problem and correct it, generally in one visit. If you're an active person I highly recommend Dr. Hart to keep you performing your best..
Mike Broach

Dr. Hart is a very knowledgable and skilled chiropractor.
Alex Zagami

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