Recovery Stories

Browse stories written by people just like you who found their way to recovery with the help of Dr. Hart and Alternative Health Clinic.

Pete E.

Dr. Hart is so professional and knowledgeable. She spends time with you to really listen to what is going on and then uses her skills to help with the issues in diagnosing and treating. Her adjustments have helped my ribs, neck, back, and also my gut issues. The nutritional supplements she put me on have made a huge difference in my stomach/intestinal issues. The other doctors I’ve been to have not been able to help. THANK YOU, DR. HART!!!

Client Since 1987

Taylor W.

I started seeing Dr. Hart in June of 2016 because I was having chronic pain in my left foot. I had no idea that by fixing my foot problems, Dr. Hart would help me in so many other areas in my life. I have had issues with migraines for years, at least 2-3 times per month. By realigning my body, I have been migraine free for the last two months. Dr. Hart was also able to do a nutritional check for me, helping me to determine allergies as well as keep my body healthy. I am so thankful that I found her. She has helped me get my life back in so many ways as well as giving me increased energy. Thank you for all of your help!

Client Since 2016

Katarina R.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Hart for the last 13+ years. One of my first experiences with her was when I dislocated two vertebrae in my neck, snowboarding. At the hospital, they told me they’d have to do surgery because my spinal cord was being pinched to the point of zero mobility in my neck! One visit with Dr. Hart, no abrasive surgery and she fixed my neck and I was on my way. She is truly so knowledgeable and a lifesaver! Most recently, I started getting painful and itchy, huge hives rashes all over my torso and thighs. The doctors told me I’d have to be on steroids and medicine to cure the symptoms. Through Dr. Hart’s testing, diet change recommendations, and some supplements I’ve been taking every day, the hives have dissipated to almost nothing! I am a firm believer in homeopathic medicine and chiropractic because of Dr. Hart. She has truly changed my life.

Client Since 2001

Paul M.

Dr, Hart is the best. I’ve had many chiropractic experiences in my time and without a doubt, these are the best experiences I’ve had. I do get adjustments regularly and I follow the exercises that are prescribed for me but I am now mostly pain-free! I had had severe and chronic pain that is virtually gone. Dr. Hart combines her well-practiced skills with a natural intuitive sense. She is a true healer and I trust her with my health confidently.

Client Since 1995

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